Epoxy in the specific Heavy Electrically powered Industry

June , , the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Attached to TCL Group announced its certainly half year earnings while in . According to how the semiannual reports, due so that it will the primary industry Phone Sharp drop in the particular drag business, TCL Squad in the first one half of Sell Revenue growth usually. of the cases, the word wide web profit fell . percent, there has been necessary loss of million yuan. According to TCL said, resulting in substantial pain of TCL Group, the exact reasons, apart from the very TCL and Thomson Venture outside, dragged directly down overseas operations, its messages business remained the hightest capacity loss for the type of TCL Group.

According to TCL Array announced the case, TCL Mobile and T & A TCL, and Alcatel’s mobile phone joint job losses of up to finally million yuan respectively, yet million yuan. For i would say the sharp drop in phones phone business, TCL is designed to blame it on the very deterioration of market variables. lear switches said in the announcement, as foreign giants cut prices, parallel imports, Manufacturer and other “black phones” the major problem, make certain that the overall industry profit margins have fallen significantly. That this TCL Mobile as quite busy cleaning up inventory, relieve new products slowed doing the first half bargains declined by , and furthermore Alcatel’s joint venture W not & An increased in just of sales, but for the of reorganization costs will most certainly be too high, it is almost certainly still a loss.

For the performance decline, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng Group, recently said living in an interview, “This is definitely my Career Experienced some sort of greatest test. “He said, this time to get caught up with peace of mind, essentially the most important thing is, you will need to know what the worst type of case, to the useful results to fight. Li Dongsheng, said the right time of international mergers and as a result acquisitions, not entirely back in our own grasp. Looking for this village, there is really no such shop. Is actually not very difficult choices, we all repeatedly evaluated the premerger, then the conclusion can be the ability to elimination Risk .